Animal Welfare: Our Dr Temple Grandin accredited lairage has been designed to replicate the animal’s natural environment. All pens are bedded down with straw and shavings ensuring comfort, they are well ventilated and flooded with natural light which creates a calm and stress free environment.

Waste Reduction/ Packaging Reviews: Ensuring we minimise board and plastics, working with supply partners to pack into renewable solutions such as returnable crates where possible, thinner films and keeping up to date with latest recycling developments.

Anaerobic Digestion: Our Anaerobic digester uses a high percentage of our waste, converting into…

  • Heat to warm the water onsite for further processes
  • Electricity to run the AD plant and abattoir
  • Nutrient rich fertilizer for crops and animal feedstock – to start the life-cycle over again

In 2018 our AD plant produced 4,036,200 kw of power that’s enough to light the Eiffel tower for 183 days!

In 2018 we saved 43,054,000 litres of water that’s enough to fill 17 Olympic sized swimming pools.

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