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Developing a sustainable system of beef production is one of our priorities, and this is why we have established our own, Brongain Farm, as a centre of excellence.

A key component of our long-term sustainability programme is the research at Brongain Farm which is centred around four core areas; Animal Welfare, Environmental Footprint, Financial Sustainability and Genetics.

Partnering with leading experts and consultants, the team at Brongain are continually working to establish the most efficient and sustainable model of production, that supports on-farm profitability, while meeting customer needs and wants.

Focusing on every aspect from rearing through to finishing, the unit provides a state-of-the art farm facility for live trials, and a hub for knowledge transfer between all partners within the beef supply chain.


Beef producers are making head-way in reducing antibiotic usage and at Pickstock we are committed to supporting on-farm improvements in health and welfare, to deliver continued progression. At Brongain Farm, we invest heavily in R&D to establish the best management techniques and disease prevention strategies that minimise the need for antibiotic use, particularly during high-risk periods.

Via this work, we are able to share tried and tested on-farm methods to other beef producers. This not only supports lower antibiotic usage, but also overall farm efficiency, delivering improved long-term financial and environmental sustainability.


Partnering with Cogent Breeding Ltd, our Angus and Hereford Gold scheme uses the best sires to produce consistent progeny that delivers for the supply chain. Carefully selected, based on desirable traits to deliver a combination of exceptional calf quality and high growth rates, the scheme uses male sexed Angus and Hereford semen.

The aim is to help reduce the quantity of less desirable beef sired heifer calves, and increase revenue from calf sales, by producing an animal that is better suited to the end market.

The scheme is currently being pioneered at Brongain Farm, working with a number of carefully selected partners.