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Pickstock Ashby Ltd


Pickstock Telford Induction
Pickstock Telford Training

General statement
We are committed to ensuring that all our staff have received adequate training in order to be able to carry out their duties safely and without risk to themselves or others. We aim to achieve this by providing induction training for all new employees and ongoing skills training. The need for training will be determined by the requirements of the individual employee’s job role. We also constantly assess and review the development needs of our employees and actively encourage all staff, regardless of employment status, language skills and grade, to take advantage of all training opportunities available and to communicate their individual needs and requirements.

Legal position
Providing adequate training to our staff is a requirement of the health and safety at work act 1974. It is also required by other more specific legislation which relates to the use of machinery, handling activities, hazardous substances and the wearing of personal protective equipment. The test of adequacy is based on providing sufficient training to ensure that employees can carry out their duties without jeopardising either their health and safety, or that of their colleagues and visitors.