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Pickstock Ashby Ltd

Product Specification

70vl Loose70vl Loose Boxed
70vl Loose70vl Loose Boxed

Product Name: 70VL Block Pack (70VL12)

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Product Information

Primal Cuts Process Flow

Food Grade Packaging

Primary: 80 mU Food grade liner PE 
Primary units: Box fill
Secondary: Std export base 1000 g/m², PE coated lid 990g/m²
Secondary units: -
Box tare: 1.62 Kg
Target net weight: 20kg
Transfer unit: Wooden pallet
Pallet quantity: Up to 40 cases

Storage and Distribution

Max temperature: -18
Target temperature: -18
Storage and distribution set point: -22

Shelf Life

Chilled: -
Kill to Pack/Freeze: Max 5 days
Frozen: Pack +730 days

Labelling Details

Product Description
Product Code
Batch No.
Kill Date
Pack/freeze Date
Packs per outer case
Tare Weight
Net Weight
Packed in UK
Plant EC No
Code 128 barcode
Use by date
Born in
Raised in
Slaughtered in
Cut in
Storage Instruction

Product Flow

Pickstock Telford Product Flow 85VL Block Pack

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